Terry and Jerry

Twins halflings who were freed from the thieves guild


Terry and Jerry are twin halflings who were met in the thieves guild and completed various missions involving extortion rackets, mostly from low level clergy from the Church of Coin.

One such night, there were assigned to test the greehorn Marr in the ways of back alley persuasion but were shocked when this gentle giant lashed out at a mark and cost them the mission as well as their jobs.

Marr seeks to find them better employment or at least provide shelter/food for the twins, for it was his brashness and carelessness that jeopardized their lifestyle.

Terry has shown up at the tavern the dragons were staying in and even accompanied them to the slums for some investigation.
Jerry on the other hand has yet to be seen, though his brother claims his pride keeps him hidden from their eyes.


Terry and Jerry

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