The world is a dark place, punctuated by brilliant lights of civilization. Each city, village, and hamlet represents a pinpoint of light, forcing darkness back with each new citizen growing their ranks. However, the brightest of lights cast the deepest of shadows. Civilization ends, and darkness reigns in the wilderness. Bests, marauding bandits, and undead thrive in the spaces between the tamed lands, preying on those who step off the beaten path.

Ruins litter the landscape, and for those adventurers daring enough to venture off the well-trod paths, fortune and favor awaits in these strongholds of the past. Powerful relics and important histories lie in wait for those daring enough to find them.

Speaking of civilization, the bastions of walls and political influence are quite common, but these place can be just as unwelcoming as the unclaimed wilds. Political machinations, bacchanalian blood lusts, wizardly-abductions, and countless other troubles plague those who claim themselves as “civilized.” Be wary, those who travel the roads, as not all doors are open to those who seek shelter.

New adventurers are dime a dozen, spawning from all manners of beginnings. Young adventurers seeking to write their names in the history books are common, viewed as naïve whelps untrained of the terrors that lie beyond. Veteran adventurers, though rare, are sought after for their council, stories, and information. Those who survive the world are a valuable resource for any individual seeking glory; find a mentor, and your days grow exponentially long.

Voyage from Stonefangs