Luvarax Marr

Copper Dragonborn Cleric of the Storm


Marr hails from the Stonefangs and is an expert sailor. He has devoted his life to the Lord of the Storm and preaches to his crew mates when not tending to the more foolish Greenhorns aboard. With his longsword Jesk (Draconic: fang) and buckler Los (Draconic: block) he calls forth the fury of the waves to wash away enemies aboard his captain’s ship.

Marr is a Copper Dragonborn who sports a mix of brown and dark green scales with small glints of copper among the tapestry of his arms. His two brow plates do not extend very far back but are distinct in their overlapping segments near his eyes. The short cheekbone frills give him a musing look when at sea but recede when far from water, gaining him the visage of a somber gargoyle.


He is addressed by most people and other Dragonborns as Marr, a reference to his clan name and a sign of formality between shipmates. His hatch name is Luvarax and is only called that by other Copper Dragonborn who are family members. Due to being labeled a trickster from a young age, the Draconic word Varax means “one who hides” or “mischievous grin” and was deftly given to Luvarax as reference to his early tendencies to prank other Dragonborns at the docks.

Marr is very fond of sailing stories and believes that all good taverns must host an outstanding bard or not be worth the coin of a single drink.When he was a young hatchling, Marr was fascinated with fishing stories that flitted around the docks near his home and desires to be like one of the many Dragonborn heroes from the tales.

Luvarax Marr

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